Admin login

Admin can login with Email ID and password. It will have logo along with login form and Forgot password link.

System / Settings

Need to have settings option to change entire data in dynamic. We should have taps called General, Local, Mail, Social media, Image, Localization, Notification, Fare, Wallet, Design and Payment.

Taxi master management

Add and Manage the trip status, cancel reason, vehicle type, vehicle style, vehicle model, Vehicle make and Vehicle color.

Promocode management

Admin can add and manage the promotion code with name, description, start date, expiry date, code and many terms.

Drivers management
Add drivers under the company.

Manage the drivers. It should have list, edit, delete, block and search option.

Track the drivers location in Google map.

Notification history

Manage the notification history list from customers, drivers, dispatching managers and taxi companies.

Manage the favorite location

Add and manage the favorite location from Google place. It should be shown to customers in their app. Also option to edit and delete it.


Add and manage the FAQ list by category.

Fund requests
Admin can see the list of fund request from company owner or drivers. They can see the fund request ID, driver / owner name, total amount and date. Also it should have. option to change status. By default, status should be open.

Change the status as Paid with their comment and option to upload the image. It should be notified to driver / company owner in mail.

Forgot password

Admin can enter their email ID and get their password in mail. We need to have strong server side validation here.

General settings

Option to change the Site name, Owner name, Address, Lat, Lan, Email, Telephone, Fax, Logo, Favicon, Short description, copy right text, meta information, Admin commission and Tax percentage.

Admin profile

Admin can manage the profile like edit profile, change password and logout.

Taxi company management
Add and Manage the taxi company list. It should show the company name, location, no of drivers, no of dispatchers and option to edit, delete and block.

Add the company dispatcher profile under company.

Manage the dispatcher list.

Search the taxi companies by name, email, location and etc.

Taxi Management

Add and manage the taxi (Vehicle) list under the company name or directly . It should have make, model, color, number and etc. Also taxi companies and admin can search and export the taxi list.

Email / SMS template
Add and manage the email notification template. It should add, edit and delete option.

Add and manage the SMS template. it should have add, edit and delete option.

Manage the subscribers list from front end. It should have delete and search option.

Send email

Admin should have option to send the email to customers, drivers, companies, Dispatch managers and subscribers..

Send push notification

Option to send the push notification to Customers and Drivers. Also it should have option to select iOS, Android or Both. So they will receive the text or image notifications.

Reports & Analytics
Show the number trips count between two dates.

Show the cancelled trips.

Show the trips between two location Ex: JP nagar to Silk board 50 trips between two date.

Payment collection and trip counts by drivers.
Payment collection and trips count by company.

Customers list with their trips count and payment.

Coupons report.
Show the count of total user, companies, dispatching managers, drivers, taxi, trips and advanced trip.

Show the map view of trips. It should have option to filter by day, week, month, year and all. So we need to show the trips in map.

Show the graph report of trips, companies, drivers, customers and transactions. Admin should have option to filter by day, week, month and year.

Show 5 recent trips with View all option.

Moderator (Permission)

Admin can create and manage the roles list with add, view, edit and delete permission. Also they can create the moderator and assign to roles with required modules.

Information / CMS

It should have option to add and manage the CMS pages. It should have title, description, meta title, meta description, keywords and status option. Ex: About us, Terms of use and etc..,

Reviews management
Drivers review management. It should have option to search, delete and view.

Customers review management It should have option to search, delete and view.

Customers management
Add and manage the user groups.

Manage the user list.

Filter the user by name, email, status, IP, Date added and etc..,

View the full information of particular user. It should show personal information, trip list, emergency contacts and wallet amount.
Payment transaction
View the list of payment transaction list. It should have payment ID, trip ID, User ID, amount, transaction status, created date, payment type.

It should have option to search and export the transaction list.

View the full payment information. It should have transaction ID, payment ID, message, status, trip information and etc..,

Option to refund to customer.

Filter the transaction list by date, location, customer, taxi company and driver.

Trips management
View the list of trips from all customers. It should show the trip ID, from location, destination location, fare, distance, amount, username, driver name, status, created date.

Option to view the trip information. Also it should have option to delete.

View Trip - It should show the customer information, Trip information, Driver information and Payment information in separate tabs.

Search and Export the trip list.

Filter by date, from and to location, taxi company, drivers and etc..,

Advanced trip list - It should show the list of future trip list. Also option to assign the driver manually from admin panel.

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