Google maps API

We have utilized Google’s native web APIs for visualizing maps, locating the address and to access other great mapping features like accurate direction and street view, multi-modal directions, 3D buildings, indoor floor plans and much more mapping features.

Twilio SMS gateway

Integration of Twilio SMS gateway in the application has empowered the app to send SMS alerts, notifications, one time passwords, ride remainders and other related alerts. Twilio SMS gateway supports sending bulk messages through a single API request.


Paypal Integration

PayPal payment API integration will help the business to create and execute the payments directly from the clients. PayPal payment also provides facility of invoicing, transaction management, payment tracking and data integration with provided tools. It is the fastest payment option available today.

Stripe Payments Integration

Stripe is a suite of APIs that powers commerce to the businesses. Stripe payment gateway integration in the application will help you to quickly and easily accept the payment from the customers. Stripe supports various means of payments like cards, apple pay, mobile wallets, banking and much more.

book is an analytics engine that will help you to collect data about users to serve them better. Fabric will help your business by tracking events like login, social share, rides etc. It will reveal how customers use to interact with you app and more information about customers behavior.

Google analytics

Google analytics is web analytics services that are integrated in the application. It will help your business to grow online. Google analytics will help the application by tracking website traffic of your business. It will help you to understand online behavior of your users and you can improve it with the help of Google analytics.


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