Multi platform

Driver can download the app from Google play store or Apple store based which phone they are using now. So they can register and get approval to use the application.


By default, driver application supporting in English and Arabic language. In terms of additional language integration, it will be additional billable.

Rate the customer

Once driver completed the trip, they must rate the customer based on their experience, which will help to analytics in data management.

View the ride report and driver report.

View the ride report by day, weekly and monthly.

View the feedback report of trips by day, weekly and monthly.

My earnings
Drivers can view the list of their earning list. It should show the balance amount, debit and credit amount.

Driver can request the fund request.

Once admin changed the status of fund request, it will be deducted from driver balance and show in log.

Filter the income report by date.
Driver registration

Driver need to register into application with personal information, vehicle type, vehicle style and documents. After submitting the form, they need to confirm the account with OTP code.

Driver status

Driver have option to change the status either Online or Offline, While they are in online, they will get the trip request from customers.

Trip history
View the list of trip list with from location, to location, date & time, price and trip status.

View the full information of particular trip. It should have location, payment type, fare summary, status and map route.
My account

Drivers can edit their profile, change password and logout.

Referral program

Driver can refer other drivers to become the rider in platform by their invitation code. Once other rider registered with referral code, they will get referral amount in their wallet.

Driver login

Driver can login into app with email ID and password. Also they resend the password by entering the mobile number.

Ride process
Driver will receive the customer ride booking request with accept or reject option.

Once accepted, they can see the customer name, location and expected reaching time.

Option to Google map nagivation.

Routing between driver and customer location in Google map with real time updates.
Once reached near to customer, start a ride option should be enabled
After starting the ride, Driver can see the pick up and drop off location with map route.
Show the distance and estimated time.
After the completing the trip, they can view the fare summary.
In cash trip, they need to change the payment status as paid.
Suppose if driver rejected the ride, they need to reason and comment for same.
FAQ & Help

Driver can view the complete FAQ list and option to contact the support team.

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