Planning to develop a taxi booking app? A few must have features

13 November 2017

Planning to develop a taxi booking app? A few must have features

As the on-demand applications are ruling the industry these days, the applications has impacted various sectors like Food, healthcare, banking, vehicles etc. All started with Uber X model and now it is all over the world. The popularity of taxi booking system has drastically improved, now more and more people are quitting old-school taxis and moving to applications to take taxi ride. The application has proved convenient for both passengers and drivers. Now passengers don’t have to stand on rode side or visit taxi stand to book a taxi ride. They can simply book the taxi with just a few clicks. They can track the location of taxi, and taxi drivers can also track customer’s location. Passengers have now facility to pay for the ride by several payment options. Taxi booking apps are now most common in the urban areas of every part of the world and it is growing exponentially in rural areas. So the scope and future of this business model is bright and secured. So if you are also planning to develop a taxi booking app, we are listing here some tips to do it perfectly.


Research leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to success. If you don’t know about the business you are doing then it is worthless to spend money. So first research and analyze the market, who is your competitors, success story of big brands, most effective offers in the market, business implementation research and much more. Gather the knowledge, make the strategies accordingly and then launch your venture.

Innovative and unique Features

The competition is very tough, so don’t disappear in the crowd but try to stand out of the crowd. Try to Add some innovative, unique but user-friendly features in your application. People always try unique things, so little creativity and innovative ideas in your app can build a success story of your brand.

Real time tracking with GPS and Google map

Location sharing and tracking is most essential and convenient feature in such type of taxi booking applications. It enables both drivers and customers to track the location quickly and find the routing.

Payment gateways

Facilitating customers with different payment methods are very necessary and most of the similar applications are offering it. It also helps to calculate fare, distance travelled and payment details. So this will add transparency and convenient both in your service.

Instant notification

Integrate high quality SMS APIs to send and receive the messages quickly, because messages are prominent way of communication in such type of applications. This feature will help you to send instant notification, reminders, one time password, offers, and newsletters to the customers.

User friendly interface

User-friendly interface can leave great impression of your brand on customer, so check whether your taxi booking
application has user friendly interface or not. All the necessary features in your application should be easy to figure out and
customers can use your application smoothly. So these are some tips and suggestions from our side to make your taxi booking system perfect. A perfect application with excellent strategies will make your brand popular and productive in no time. So get an awesome, scalable, user- friendly, easy-to-use and robust application for your business and rule the industry.



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